Growing Labor Pool, Free Zone, Strategic Location, Redundant Systems

are among the many benefits that you can get by outsourcing at Century Business Square

Honduras is becoming a bilingual country

More than 700 schools are providing English courses, meaning that we are well-involved in American culture and the English language. Currently, the country's circumstance have allowed an important availability of English-speaking, highly qualified individuals. The closeness with the United States and the influence of the imported broadcast industry from America gives Honduras citizens a very strong cultural affinity with the American society. In the last few years, more than 15,000 postions have been filled with young professionals within the BPO/Call Center industry.

Free Zone Status

Century Business Square operates in a Free Zone designed to boost international business by providing 100% ownership to expatriates. The benefits of setting up your business in a free zone are:


Exemption from the payment of customs duties, charges, surcharges, internal taxes, consumption and other taxes, regarding the goods introduced in the Area, which have a direct or indirect relationship with the customs operations.


Exemption from the payment of taxes and municipal contribution.


Exemption from the payment of Income Tax.