Our People

Outspoken, skilled, innovative, and productive.

What gives life to a country's real economic motor is its people. Our workforce stands out for its high english proficiency, strong work ethic and vibrant enthusiasm.

Total Population

Work Force

Ages between
18 - 35

Education is Key

Honduras has a goal to have 250,000 hondurans studying English as a second language within the next three years. Currently, the country’s circumstances have allowed an important availability of english-speaking, highly qualified individuals. The closeness with the United States and the influence of the imported broadcast industry from America gives Honduran citizens a very strong cultural affinity with the American society.

Honduras is becoming a bilingual country

The government is betting on making English accessible for everyone in the country, so it has started working with INFOP (the National Institute of Vocational Training) on a program called “Yes We Can” in late 2014. In partnership with English Discoveries, they brought e-learning to all INFOP centers in the country, allowing anyone to take an English class for free, onsite or online. So far, this program has graduated around 500 people at B1+ English level.