Century Business Square: The 3.0 business and technology park


Our adjoining buildings are surrounded by a green area that commits us to nature and ample parking for our visitors.

What we offer

  • Exemption from the payment of customs duties, charges, surcharges, internal taxes, consumption and other taxes and levies of the goods introduced in the Area, which have a direct or indirect relationship with the customs operations of import and export.
  • Exemption from the payment of taxes and municipal contributions.
  • Exemption from the payment of Income Tax.
  • Our redundant system prevents you and your business from suffering any inconveniencies and revenue losses.
  • Honduras is connected to the NAP of the Americas via 3 submarine cables: Maya 1, Arcos and SAm 1.
  • The facility incorporates temperature control technology to generate chosen values of humidity according to the required industry standards.
  • Equipped with CCTV security cameras throughout the complex and 24-hour surveillance.
  • We make sure all equipment is operating at 100% efficiency at all times and that our infrastructure is always up to the best standards.
  • Providing excellent customer service is our first priority. We make sure to attend all your needs.
  • Our energy infrastructure guarantees productivity.
  • We have three floors parking exclusively for call center operation.
  • Our automatic sprinklers system is a totally independent and automatic system of fire protection.
  • Our private heliport provides safe, reliable and traffic-free access to our facilities for top executives and clients.
  • With our five energy-efficient elevators, traffic will not be a problem.